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5/30/2015 Saturday in the Eighth Week of Ordinary Time / Optional Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary

In the short time I paid heed, I met with great instruction.  Since in this way I have profited, I will give my teacher grateful praise.  (Sirach 51:16-17)

Lord Jesus, good teacher, You are clear in telling everyone that Your authority comes from the Father.  In today's Gospel you teach us all by not answering the questions, "By what authority are you doing these things?  Or who gave you authority to do this?"  

You are more than a teacher and You are more than good; You are the author of life.  May my learning of Your authority reside not in my knowledge, but in my trust of Your love and truth.  In this way, my response need not be, "All these things I have observed", but, You are my Way, my Truth and my Life.  With Sirach, I offer a fitting response to such a gift, "I thank the Lord and I praise him; I bless the name of the Lord."

Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us.

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