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8/2/2015 Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

One does not live on bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. (Gospel Antiphon, Matthew 4:4b)

Lord Jesus, You direct us not to work for food that perishes.  We put careful preparation into some meals and very little into others, depending on its purpose.  Do I want to enjoy the meal or do I want to get through the meal and on to something more important?  

The crowds asked You to give them this bread of God that gives life to the world, hoping for something like the manna that will feed them so they can focus not on their eating, but on the work of God.  Help me know that my hunger is not a result of my work, nor is my thirst a result of a lack of resources, but both are rooted in Your desire for us to seek You alone as our nourishment and quenching.  Bless me as I hear Your Word and keep You as the Word made flesh, for the world.          


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