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7/30/2014 Wednesday in the Seventeenth Week of Ordinary Time

O my strength!  For you I watch; for you, O God, are my stronghold. (Psalm 59:10)

Lord, as a childhood baseball card collector my treasury shifted.  At first I wanted only players from my hometown team.  Next, the goal was obtaining every card in that season's set.  Later, individual card values became the focus of attention, especially the potential value of the next great player.  Thus we had sought new treasures, the year's hot rookie players whose card it became necessary to possess.  The money earned to purchase a new pack paled in value compared with the potential treasure amidst a flavorless stick of gum and fourteen other players' cards.

I would have traded all of my Reds, plus three Fernando Valenzuela's for a Darryl Strawberry rookie card, but no one would take the trade.  No trade could be worth a Darryl Strawberry rookie card.  So, I waited for a new earning cycle to bring the 30 cents required to purchase a new treasure dig.  May I find the excitement and dedication to watch for You, Lord, my treasure, my stronghold!       

Saint Peter Chyrsologus, pray for us.

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