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Alumni Ambassador Program



What Are Athenaeum Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are active ministers to those in their parish regarding vocations and act as intermediaries between the Athenaeum and parishioners interested in vocations and expanding their religious education. They promote committed vocations in their parish, and are not passive in any aspect of Catholic life in the Church. Ambassadors make a difference as they are good listeners and are able to communicate well. They are also persons seeking holiness through giving of themselves and loving those in their parish.

Ambassadors are motivated and encourage motivation among the parishioners in the continued growth and practice of chosen vocations. Ambassadors need to understand what vocation choices entail, and seek the means to create situations that will benefit the lives of their parish. Motivation comes in a lot of forms. Promotion can come from the Athenaeum, if sought. There are ways to promote an environment for vocations in every parish, and these can be exchanged among ambassadors. For example, praying for vocations, and more specifically for those being called, as well as parish prayers for family life, armed services personnel, special community jobs (police and fire personnel), those who are struggling and need support. Prayers can be offered for the clients of the SVDP society, those employed in dangerous work. Ambassadors should initiate and maintain dialogue with all ministry leaders in their parishes.

If the Ambassador has a handle on setting into motion prayer and worship responses to the lives being lived in their parish, their life will also be full, and holy.

The Ambassador must be a good communicator, and meet people easily. Behavior among the parish people must also compliment the pastor and be synchronous with him. As ambassadors quietly help in their parishes, they must listen well. It is advantageous to have a few others helping ambassadors as needed to carry out motivational activities within the parish. Be open, friendly, and loving in soliciting input from the parish. Ambassadors ask what they can do for their Church and what the Church can do for them.

Ambassadors may want to measure performance in order to correct or enrich their methods of interaction. Perhaps a spiritual director may help them open the doors needed in a parish. We all need a guide for our lives as well as a means for self-review. Just as in the game of golf, a person measures how well one is playing the game by the score and quality of play, so may an ambassador measure the effects of their interaction with the Athenaeum and parish.

Frequent examination of conscience may help ambassadors fulfill their mission in the parish -- No half hearted attempts; No excuses; be yourself and spread love. It will be returned in abundance.

Ambassadors also must have an enriched prayer life that will support their activities through frequent attendance at Mass and special services at the Athenaeum. It also is necessary to have a private prayer life through Liturgy of the Hours, Lectio, meditation and contemplative prayer, if desired.

Ambassadors are leaders by the nature of their assignment. They are people able to persuade others through gentle and kind words and example. Ambassadors should pause at times to look at their own lives, asking themselves, “Have I grown in this program? Have I helped others? Have I given my best?” Sometimes this can be answered by looking at the growth of the programs or activities or vocations that have been graced by God within your parish.

Ambassadors should elaborate on the power of delegation and the ease of encouraging others to pursue a vocation that will bring them closer to God. Look at how this fits with their desires and abilities. Not everyone is called to the same vocation. We are all from a different family and are called to fulfill what God wants for us.



Value of Communications

Ambassadors foster communication within their parish -- particularly with regard to the relationship between the Athenaeum and the parish. Ambassadors are alert to what is going on in their parish and what is happening at the Athenaeum that will be of interest or benefit to the parish.

They may use the parish bulletin or newsletter as a constant source of providing information to the parish. They will have access to the ambassador newsletter Faith in Action posted quarterly on the Athenaeum website www.athenaeum.edu and receive periodic emails from the Athenaeum that should be made known to all. They may wish to extract information from the email for use in the Sunday bulletin, or they may post items on the bulletin boards. They may also wish to send emails to specific organizations and people within the parish.

Ambassadors promote an awareness of special programs within the diocese and particularly those pertaining to vocations. While making the parish aware of what is happening at the Athenaeum, ambassadors also will seek from the Athenaeum those events or persons who will provide help for specific needs at their parish.

Ambassadors also may create special ways of communication within their parish.

They are the communications hub in the parish for vocations.



Growth Opportunities for Ambassadors



Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the contact person for the Ambassador Program at the Athenaeum of Ohio?

Lisa Taylor
Director of E-Media & Print Communications

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