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Spiritual Life of the House


Chapel Procession

Mount St. Mary's Seminary provides a gradual year by year series of conferences oriented toward the acquisition of knowledge, wisdom and holiness at each level of formation. In every academic quarter there are three formation conferences for each year of residential study. The one exception is first pre-theology which has eight conferences the first quarter and three each quarter thereafter. Additionally, there is a general seminary spiritual conference given each quarter by the House Spiritual Director.

Along with the Spiritual Director and Formation Director, the conferences are given by priests of the seminary who are asked to creatively use the topics assigned by communicating with the seminarians through the prism of their own unique experience of living the priesthood and their experience in priestly work and ministry. All priest-faculty have experience in both academic and pastoral settings.

In addition to the Formation Conferences, there is an annual seminarian retreat. The seminary arranges for the respective canonical retreats for those to be ordained as deacons and priests. There are also two to three Days of Recollection for the entire seminary each quarter. Diocesan and religious priests, who have a depth of experience and knowledge and a deep love for the Church and the Priesthood, are selected for these retreats and days of recollection.

Seminarians are given the opportunity to participate in summer programs such as those offered at the Institute for Priestly Formation in Omaha, Nebraska. These men are selected by the Rector and Formation Director and are funded by their respective dioceses.

Prior to their fourth year in theology, seminarians make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. This experience is provided by the seminary through the generosity of a benefactor and comes at no expense to the seminarian or his sponsoring diocese.

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