Susan Renner, M.Ed. 

Spanish Language Instructor

Director of English as a Second Language (ESL) Program 

Academic Support Specialist


M.Ed., University of Cincinnati

B.A., Hanover College 


Susan Renner is an Instructor of Spanish and the Coordinator of the English as a Second Language Program at MTSM. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Hanover College and a Master of Education in Literacy and Second Language Studies from the University of Cincinnati.

Mrs. Renner’s courses include Pastoral Spanish and Liturgical Spanish. She assesses students’ Spanish competency upon their entry to the Seminary program, and provides differentiated instruction to accommodate students. Additionally, Mrs. Renner provides interdisciplinary, content-based instruction in English that assists ESL students in their academic courses and supports their development of academic English skills such as reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. 

In 2022, Mrs. Renner was the recipient of the Mount St. Mary’s Seminary & School of Theology Excellence in Teaching Award.