In 1928, all the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s institutions of higher learning, including Mount St. Mary’s Seminary were incorporated under the name Athenaeum of Ohio.  The Athenaeum of Ohio continues to grant degrees through its two divisions: Mount St. Mary’s Seminary and School of Theology.

The seminary offers a Master’s of Divinity degree to men pursuing the priesthood.

The School of Theology offers:

Masters of Arts in Theology

Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies

Masters of Arts in Catholic Studies

Masters of Arts in Pastoral Ministry

Graduate Certificate in Theology

Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Ministry

Certificate in Theology

Certificate in Pastoral Ministry

Qualified students are invited to enroll in most courses, on an audit or for-credit basis, without having been admitted to a degree program. Such students must give evidence they possess competence to pursue the level of course work required. In the case of graduate courses, this ordinarily means the enrollee must have earned a bachelor’s degree. Any prerequisites must be fulfilled for any given course. Persons interested in enrolling in any course(s) should contact the Office of the Registrar at 513-233-6118.

Visitors are welcome to visit the chapel and library. The library is open to the public during scheduled hours. Visitors should call before arriving. Groups may schedule tours or individuals may visit by calling 513-231-2223. The public also is invited and encouraged to attend scheduled events, such as Chorale performances and public lectures. Other visitors should report to the business office on the first floor before proceeding through the building or onto the grounds.

Many full-time and adjunct faculty members and professional staff members are available as speakers. They are often requested for lectures and parish talks. For more information about scheduling a speaker, please call the Business Office at 513-231-2223.

On Sundays, most of the resident priests of Mount St. Mary’s Seminary & School of Theology assist in local parishes. There is no Sunday Mass for the public to attend.

No, our campus facilities are not available for weddings.

At this time we do not.

To begin the discernment process, please contact Fr. Dan Schmitmeyer:

Phone: (513) 263-3390

Fax: (513) 421-6225