Entering the Seminary

Admission Requirements

  1. Obtain Sponsorship from his local Church and bishop or a religious superior;
  2. Submit an application with the required documentation (physical exam, academic transcripts, sacramental records, etc);
  3. Have a favorable recommendation to a theologate, if the candidate attended college seminary;
  4. Complete the appropriate psychological testing and feedback and be found suitable for admission;
  5. Interview with the Seminary Admissions Committee and receive a favorable review; and
  6. If transferring from another seminary, supply previous recommendations and evaluations and comply with the norms specified by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Facilities and Grounds

Mount St. Mary’s Seminary offers many amenities to those studying for the priesthood.  


Our 75-acre campus contains a full-length soccer field, wood-fire pizza oven and pavilion for community nights, piazza with a fountain used for outdoor movie nights as well as outdoor dining and studying, hiking trails, and much more.  


MTSM features three buildings with excellent classrooms, a full gym and basketball gym, refectory with all meals provided, student-operated coffee shop, and apartment -style rooms with private bathrooms.  

The Maly Library provides additional studying space and access to the resources of an additional 90+ academic institutions throughout the State of Ohio.