Hours of Prayer

A seminarian’s day is scheduled around prayer. This includes Liturgy of the Hours, daily Mass, daily rosary, and Adoration in one of our two on-site chapels. 

Each seminarian is assigned a spiritual director and MTSM has two on-site spiritual directors with whom they meet regularly. Outside confessors are available once a week to offer confession. Seminarians are also assigned a formation advisor and they meet with them once a month. 

Seminarians have access to counseling primarily through Ruah Woods Catholic Psychological Services. Counseling through other entities is available upon request.

Sacred Music Institute

House Retreats & Days of Recollection

It has been said that the man too busy to pray is busier than God wants him to be.  Hence, the seminary has a daily orarium for liturgy and personal prayer.  Beyond that daily round, there is an annual retreat and periodic days of reflection.  The annual retreat is typically preached to the whole house during the Fall Break with much time allotted for personal prayer as well.  As for days of recollection, for example, those who do not participate in the March for Life in January spend the day in quite prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.