Program requirements

To be eligible for graduation, a student must satisfactorily meet all requirements for his/her program as outlined in the Catalog. This includes coursework, minimum GPA, thesis/research components, comprehensive examinations, and any required field education. See Catalog for details.


Students are notified of the availability of the graduation application by January 31 each year. Application announcements are sent to all students enrolled in either the Fall or Spring semester via e-mail, as well as posted on Populi and the MTSM website under Student Resources. Students must submit an application for graduation by the stated deadline. It is recommended that students meet with their advisor to ensure they will have fulfilled all program requirements by the end of the Spring semester.

Degree conferral

Degrees and certificates are conferred in May for all students who successfully fulfill program requirements in the Spring semester or in the previous Fall or Summer semesters. Degrees, certificates, and transcripts are not released to any student with outstanding financial obligations to the institution.

Candidates for graduation are presented by the Registrar to the Admissions & Degrees Committee and to the Faculty Senate for review and approval. Degrees and certificates are conferred by the Chancellor of the Athenaeum upon recommendation of the faculty.

All eligible graduates are invited to participate in the spring commencement ceremony.