Student Email Policy


MTSM uses electronic communication as an official means of communication with students. As such, MTSM will send communications to students via email individually and through mailing lists generated through Populi. The purpose of this policy is to explain the management of electronic communications in order to ensure the protection of student confidentiality.

Student Institutional Emails

The Director of Technology will assign all students an institutional email address, managed through Microsoft Outlook, upon admission. These emails are to be accessed solely by the student. All emails are password-protected and require multifactor authentication when first logging in from a new device.


Students will be able to access their institutional emails from the time of admission throughout the course of their academic program. Student email accounts will be deactivated 60 days after graduation or the termination of their program. Students who are not actively registered in a course for two consecutive semesters will be considered inactive and their email account will be deactivated.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to check their email regularly. Some communications may be time-sensitive, and students are expected to remain apprised of instructional and campus matters, deadlines, and due dates.

Students should exercise discretion in using their institutional email account for purposes beyond communications related to MTSM. All students must remain vigilant in protecting themselves against email threats such as phishing, malware, and ransomware. Any student receiving suspicious communications should report it immediately to the Director of Technology.

Educational Uses

Faculty will determine how email will be used in their classes. Students should consult their instructor and course syllabus for specific information. When faculty and students communicate with each other electronically through Populi, the communication will be sent by default to the student’s primary email in their Populi account profile.


Students are expected to be the only ones accessing their Populi accounts and their primary emails. This is to protect student privacy and confidentiality, consistent with FERPA regulations. These student accounts have ample security measures, including multifactor authentication, to protect student information.

Generally, MTSM will not send confidential or sensitive information via email. If necessary, MTSM will provide an appropriate level of security to protect communication contents, such as password-protection and encryption.

MTSM staff expect that only the student has access to the email account to which they send electronic communications. Notifications regarding graded assessments, registration, billing, etc. will appear through Populi to the student’s email. Confidential information is generally not sent via email.

Appropriate Use

Students must abide by the Acceptable Use Policy and the technology policies in the student handbook. Fraudulent activity, unauthorized access, and impersonation of another user are all prohibited.

Alternate Emails

Populi does allow users to set their own primary email. Students may choose to set their primary email in Populi to a non-institutional email, or redirect to an alternate email. Students do so at their own risk. Electronic communications from MTSM will be sent by default to students’ primary email in their Populi account. MTSM is not responsible for the privacy and security of other email addresses or servers.