Tuition & fee payment

A tuition schedule and list of student fees can be found in the Catalog. A refund schedule is also provided. Students with questions regarding tuition and fees should contact the registrar:, 513.233.6118.

Incurring fees

When a student completes an action that incurs a fee, this fee is either automatically or manually generated in Populi, the institutional student management system. For example, when a student registers for a course, the tuition fee is automatically generated according to the course tuition schedule (either certificate or graduate). Other fees are added manually, for example, when a student applies for graduation. These fees are added by the registrar.


All fees maintain a “pending” status until they are invoiced to a student’s account. The registrar will invoice pending charges after reviewing them for accuracy. For tuition charges, students are not invoiced for registered classes until the start of open enrollment. The invoice appears on the student’s account in Populi, and they are notified of the invoice via an automatic e-mail generated by Populi.

Payment due dates are set according to the nature of the fee. Students with payments past due may have their accounts locked and a $40 late fee charged to their account.


Students can pay for all tuition and fees by cash or check, or by credit card online through Populi. Online payments incur a 3% transaction fee. The registrar is responsible for collection of payment and settlement of charges in Populi.